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Our Story

As a startup driven by in-house R&D capabilities, Hpets is committed to addressing pet medicine's unmet clinical needs in China. Launched in 2022, however, we have successfully developed a series of pet medications, including of target inflammatory, oncology, cardiovascular, and other common diseases.
Leveraging our advisory board’s integrated vision and industrial expertise, which of it consists of a university professor, pharmaceutical R&D, professional investor, and business executive, etc, we are evolving to be a fully integrated biotechnology platform including preclinical evaluation, clinical trial design and execution, drug manufacturing and quality control, and commercialization.
We still keep improving our specialized product pipelines around non-patent relating drugs. In the future, our discovery and development efforts are focused on from “First-Generic-Drug” to “Me-Too/Me better”, to“First-in-Class”, through diversified and multi-level cooperation models such as cooperative development, license-in, and in-depth incubation. We also vigorously explore cutting-edge technologies, such as immunotherapy to enhance our innovation capabilities.
Our vision aims to become a pet medicine leader in China. With a strong belief that precise positioning and rationally engineered, we are prepared to lead this revolution in companion animals.